Internet Parenting

As if being a parent isn’t hard enough...

The Internet has made your job a whole lot tougher. As soon as your child is old enough to get online, you have to safely guide him through a whole new world: the virtual one. How can you encourage your child to explore wonderful new places that stimulate creativity and learning while ensuring he or she doesn’t wander into dangerous territory?

If that’s not enough, the rules change as your child matures. With younger children, parents have far more control over Internet use. But as children enter the teen years, you have to loosen the controls on Internet activity while still setting appropriate limits. Where and with whom can they visit? What kind of information can they safely reveal about themselves online? What times of the day are they allowed Internet access?

The reality is, you can’t be with your child at every click, so you have to teach them how to make good decisions. Most importantly, you have to have to encourage them to share their experiences with you — the good and the bad. You also have to be careful about falling into one of two traps:

Over-blocking: Some security solutions might be too restrictive, and block many sites you or your children need or want to see. An overly restrictive solution can be frustrating for you and your family if you have to unblock sites on a regular basis.

Under-blocking: On the other hand, if your security software does not have sophisticated Web filtering capabilities, it may not block enough inappropriate or dangerous content. As a result, your children may wander into (or intentionally find) the sites you don’t want them to see.

K9 helps you avoid the pitfalls.

K9 Web Protection offers superior coverage (to minimize under-blocking) and accuracy (to limit over-blocking). We have one of the best coverage rates in the market, because our Web filtering technology can recognize and categorize Web content — even if it does not yet exist in our database. And our technology is also highly accurate, because we apply a detailed set of criteria to characterize every site that is requested.

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