Resetting a lost or forgotten password


You lost or forgot your password for K9 Web Protection.


If you forgot your K9 password, you can request a temporary password by clicking the [Forgot your password] link below the password box when attempting to log into the K9 Administration page.    go there now

When you click the [Forgot your password] link, a 24-hour password will be automatically sent to the email address we have on file for your license. The temporary password will only work on the computer from which it was requested. It does not replace your current K9 password, but you can use it to set your password to something you will remember.

If you cannot access the email address we have on file, please see this support article.

Note: As long as no one else can access your email inbox, temporary passwords will only be known to you. We rely on your email address to be able to communicate with you securely. If you need to change the email address we have on file, please see this page for instructions.