Viewing Detailed Internet Activity Reports


You want to view the Internet Activity reports in K9 Web Protection.


There are 2 ways of accessing the Detailed reports in the K9 Administrative Interface.

Viewing All Internet Activity
Go to the K9 Administration page (, and then go to View Internet Activity, then click View Activity Detail in the far left column, you will see a detailed report of all Internet activity, including all Web sites allowed or blocked since the last log purge. This view includes the category ratings of these sites (if rated), and the actual URL of the site/s visited. You can also view administrative events on the View Activity Summary page, on the right hand side. You can click [View All] to see all the K9 Administrator activity.

Viewing Internet Activity in a Specific Category
If you go to View Internet Activity, you will see a Category Hit Summary report. Each category in this report is a hyperlink that, when clicked, will take you to a Detailed Report that shows which URLs within that category were visited and when. For example, to view a list of which sites someone attempted to access within the Pornography category, click on the link for Pornography.

Please Note: If you have not cleared the K9 Activity logs recently, viewing the Detailed Activity report may cause a high load on your browser, and make it difficult to view to the detailed log report. We recommend that you clear your logs every 30 or 60 days, depending on how much browsing you do.