K9 is not blocking a website



You are able to browse to a website that you want to be blocked. 


If K9 is not blocking a site that you think should be blocked, check the following:

  • Go to the K9 Site Rating tool and enter the URL of the site. This page will tell you how the site is categorized. If you disagree with the categorization, you will have the option to notify Blue Coat.
  • If you remove a site from the “Always Allow” list in the [Web Site Exceptions] section, the page could possibly still be accessed as long as it is in the browser cache. You will need to delete your browser cache.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Click the [Tools] icon that looks like a gear.
  2. Select [Internet Options].
  3. On the “General” tab under “Browsing History”, select [Delete].
  4. Within the list of objects to delete, make sure [Cache] and [Cookies] are selected, then click [OK].
  5. Restart your browser.


  1. Open the Firefox menu and mouse-over [History].
  2. Select [Clear History].
  3. Select [Everything] in “Time range to clear”.
  4. Expand [Details] if not already expanded.
  5. Make sure [Cache] and [Cookies] are checked.
  6. Select [Clear Now].
  7. Restart your browser.

Finally, you can force K9 to block a site by adding it to the "Always Block" list. If you want to always block a website, please do the following:

  1. Open your K9 administration tool and login to the [Setup] area. (
  2. Once you have logged in, click [Web Site Exceptions] in the left hand navigation column.
  3. Type the site's URL in the “Web Site to Add”  text area and click within your “Always Block” list and select [Add]. Repeat this procedure for each URL you want blocked.
  4. Click the [Save] button to save all URLs entered.