How to clear the K9 rating cache

You have been informed by Blue Coat that a URL's category rating has been changed,
but when you visit the URL K9 shows the former rating.

To speed up the user's experience with K9 Web Protection, the program will save
or "cache" ratings it retrieves from our database for a few days. This prevents
unnecessary database lookups when users visit their favorite websites.

When a category rating has been changed in the master database, a K9 user will need
to clear K9's cache so the program can automatically retrieve the new rating.

To clear the K9 cache, please open a web browser, and put the following link
into the address bar:

You will get a message that says "{result: true}". This means that you have now
cleared the K9 cache of any stored ratings. Please note, that this does not clear
the K9 Internet Activity log, only the stored web site ratings, which normally expire
after 7 days.