How to obtain an additional K9 license


You want an additional license for K9 Web Protection in order to install K9 on another computer. 


Please note that K9 is free for home use. Businesses, government agencies, and other organizations are required to purchase licenses to use K9. If you are trying to obtain K9 for an organization, please visit our website and click the appropriate link on our home page to contact us with your order inquiry.

If you would like to request an additional license for home use,

  1. Browse to
  2. Click [Get K9 Now].
  3. Fill in the form using the same email address you used to register K9 (or the current email address if it has been changed) and click [Request License]. You will be informed that "there is already a license associated with" your email address. Below this message, you are presented with two options:

  4.      a. Remind me what my license(s) are      b. Request an additional license
  5. Please click the second option and check your email for the new license. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder.