K9 slows my phone down


After installing K9, my phone gets slowed down


Many phones use an application called CarrierIQ to monitor your phone usage and report it back to your cell service provider. If your provider has enabled CarrierIQ on your device, it is possible that it will cause slowness, due to a conflict with the K9 Helper App. If you are experiencing slowness on your device after installing K9, you may want to try uninstalling the helper app.

To uninstall the helper app:

  1. Open the notification center on your device, and choose the "K9 Web Protection" item
  2. Enter your admin password
  3. Choose "Security"
  4. Uncheck the box next to "Install Helper"
Note: uninstalling the helper app will make it a bit easier for an enterprising user to disable K9 for Android.

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