Settings for iPhone, iPod, iPad

After downloading and installing K9 Web Protection Browser on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you will want to set restrictions on the device, so only K9 Web Protection Browser can be used to access web sites. Follow the steps below.

NOTE: Until you complete this steps, the user can access any web site using the built-in Safari browser.

  1. Go to "Settings" >> "General" >> "Restrictions

  2. Press [Enable Restrictions] and enter a 4-digit password (twice). This will be the password needed to change or remove restrictions in the future.  You will want to chose a number you can remember, but if you are setting the device up for a child, it will need to be number the child won't easily guess.  Enter and re-enter the password.

  3. Under the "Allow:" section, toggle Safari to [Off].  This will disable the built-in Safari web browser, which does not have any filtering or controls. 

    You may also want to decide if you want to disable any other functionality.  For example:

      o YouTube : This app allows unfiltered access to YouTube.  If you do not want your child to view YouTube videos, toggle to [Off].
      o iTunes : This app provides access to the iTunes store.  Purchases will only be allowed with the iTunes password, however.
      o Installing Apps: This will allow the device user to install other apps.
      o Location: This will allow apps to use your general location (as determined by wireless towers or internet access point).
  4. Under the "Allowed Content:" section, change the settings for "Music & Podcasts", "Movies", "TV Shows" and "Apps" to the appropriate level for your family.  Specifically under the "Apps" section, you will want to set the setting to "12+" or less.  Otherwise, the user can download another unfiltered browser app (which are generally rated as 17+).

You are done!  This should allow you to use K9 Web Protection Browser as a safe browser for your iDevice.