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Child Quest International

Child Quest International is a California based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the prevention and recovery of missing, abused, and exploited children. Child Quest believes education is an essential element in keeping our youth safe. Providing awareness and safety education to children, teens, pre-teens, and parents is the foundation for their goal to stop child victimization.

Recognized by local and national law enforcement agencies as an important element in prevention education, Child Quest is available to make presentations focused on Internet and Personal Safety for children and teens to companies, civic and non-profit groups, professional and faith-based organizations, community events, schools and parent groups in the Santa Clara County.

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Developed with the needs of today's Internet-savvy family in mind, Famster offers people a place to celebrate and nurture their family lifestyle. Famster is the only online community to combine best-of-class networking tools and accessible expert advice that aids in the development of a more fulfilling life. Famster members can blog, share photos and video, create virtual scrapbooks, keep track of dates and addresses, instant message, email and so much more, all in a private environment.

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Austin Habitat for Humanity

Austin Habitat for Humanity has served the Austin community since 1985, creating 197 affordable new homes with low-income families. Homes are created with volunteer labor and community funding, then sold to AHFH HomeBuyers with zero-interest mortgage loans. Each HomeBuyer participates in financial education programs and contributes some 400 hours of “sweat-equity”. For more information, visit

Living Biography
Traffic Control

Living Biography and Traffic Control

Produced by Living Biography, in conjunction with Lake of Fire Productions, the made-for-DVD film takes viewers on a journey of opinions, experiences, and perspectives from people across America on the topic of Internet pornography and how easy minors and business employees have access to it. From January to November 2006, Living Biography crews traveled around the nation and shot more than 200 hours of footage interviewing adult entertainment peddlers, ex-porn stars, psychological experts, business owners, technologists, Internet porn addicts, educators, members of the Free Speech Coalition, and hundreds of teenagers. The film also follows the efforts of Ralph Yarro to create the Internet Community Port Act (aka CP80 Internet Channel Initiative), a controversial piece of legislation that, for the first time, makes online pornography regulation possible without infringing on First Amendment rights.

LostNMissing, Inc.

LostNMissing, Inc., a 501c(3) Non Profit, strives to help prevent loved ones from going missing and to bring awareness of those who are, by providing support to families while educating others. We work with various law enforcement agencies across the country, on behalf of families of missing, and help to bring awareness via community awareness, media, internet and social network groups of their missing loved ones. This relieves the frustrations that families endure when a loved one goes missing and enables families to have peace of mind in knowing that all the necessary steps are taking place. We interact on a daily basis with a number of families who are seeking missing loved ones and also guide those members to supportive groups of other families who have the same experiences. Linking families together has proven to be a valuable and supportive tool both emotionally and physically for those beginning the steps of searching for their missing loved one. We provide the family with needed information and the steps to take so that information can be distributed throughout all the proper channels so that their missing family members get the needed attention they require.

Our services are always no charge to families of missing loved ones. We are dependent upon individual donors, corporate donors and In-Kind donations to fund our mission. Our Board of Directors have diverse backgrounds from Sales and Marketing expertise to a Registered Trauma Nurse and a Private Investigator. Our blend of knowledge in working with people under traumatic situations enables us to succeed. Our follow up and proactive approach is exemplary. We assist families of missing across the United States and have excellent testimonials and references from those we assisted.

Traffic Control captures a controversial and important debate around First Amendment rights, society's obligation to protect children from unwanted and graphic Internet content, and an alternative solution called the Internet Community Port Act that could change the Internet as we know it.

Traffic Control is the first of three full-length films slated to follow the affect of Internet pornography on our society, and America's demand to regulate it. Traffic Control screenings are being arranged in cities across the country, and as a call to action towards providing a safe Internet experience for today’s children, a free 'action kit' providing the tools needed to fight against unregulated Internet pornography

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Indiana Pta

Indiana PTA

The mission of the Indiana PTA is to empower and engage parents to have a positive impact on student achievement, success in school, and in life. PTA continues to advocate for children in schools, in communities, before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children. This partnership is an opportunity to provide resources and tools for parents to keep children safe while utilizing technology via the internet. As it was over 110 years ago, our work is more important than ever. This partnership will provide support to families, schools and communities throughout Indiana and beyond. The Indiana PTA office is located in Indianapolis and may be contacted at 317-357-5881 or

New York State PTA

PTA (and New York State (NYS) PTA, the first state organization) is celebrating its 110 th anniversary, and is the largest child advocacy organization in the nation. NYS PTA believes that every child deserves excellence in education and in quality of life, and speaks for every child with one voice. NYS PTA has over 350,000 members in over 1500 units.

As part of its advocacy program, PTA works to inform and educate parents, students and communities on the dangers associated with Internet, wireless and other electronic communication; works to heighten parents' technologic awareness and skills and encourage the use of cyber safety strategies to ensure the safety of children and youth; and works with collaborating partners and others to advocate for the protection of children and youth in a cyber world. To learn more about New York State PTA, please visit us at

Utah PTA

Utah PTA

The mission of the Utah PTA is to help every child realize his full potential. To that end, the organization advocates for, and speaks on behalf of children and youth. It encourages positive involvement in all facets of a child's life and assists in developing skills to raise and protect children and youth. The Utah PTA promotes the welfare of children and youth in their homes, schools, communities, and places of worship. The organization supports the goals of the National PTA, to assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children, and to encourage parent and public involvement in the public schools of this nation.

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Child Quest International


Family involvement is important in the home but is also a critical asset for a student’s success. S.A.F.E. TEAM (Schools And Families Engaged) is a school-based volunteer program developed in response to challenges facing schools in regards to personal responsibility, safety and education. The program starts and actively involves each parent/family member as a volunteer for at least one school day and for school related events. S.A.F.E. TEAM is successful in K-12 school communities.

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Creating iLANDS of Safety for Kids Online


SafeWave™ was created in response to a serious and growing problem: children being harassed, bullied, propositioned and exploited while using the Internet. In mid 2007, SafeWave™ began the development of a FREE safer, enriching Internet experience for children age 5 through 18. The mission core of SafeWave is iLAND5 -- a secure, parent-trusted online network that brings a brand new level of security, identity and enrichment to online social networking.

SafeWave™ is rooted in community involvement and free use. Community includes parents, teachers, family members, school administrators, law enforcement and others who share and support our mission.

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