Online Safety

Visit these sites to learn more about how to keep your kids safe on the Internet
From the National Academies. An excellent source of education on where unwanted content comes from, and why you need to get educated! Includes information on how to report an incident if your child has been a victim of pornography, sexual predation, spam, Internet fraud, or harassment.
From the FBI. A Parent's guide to Internet Safety.
From the Internet Education Foundation. A site dedicated to educating parents and kids about online risks.
From i-SAFE America Inc. Endorsed by the US Congress, this non-profit foundation has developed a classroom curriculum and community outreach programs.
From the Internet Keep Safe Coalition. This site teaches basic rules of Internet safety to children and parents. Great for getting younger kids on the right track early.
A startling report from The New York Times Science section that highlights the dangers of sexually explicit Internet content. It's not just amusement; it's like a drug.
From Parent & Teen Universities, Inc. This site brings to the community the more disturbing facts about youth culture, and how important it is to get involved. Not just about Internet stuff. We saw the founder, Danny Holland, speak. If you can get him to visit your community, do it. Dynamic and engaging.
The Safe Online Outreach Society's purpose is to educate the public about exploitation on the internet by doing research, creating materials and delivering presentations and workshops that will train youth, professionals and parents on how to recognize and respond to online sexual exploitation and assist children and youth affected by this issue.
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