What are Unrated Sites? And how do I block them?


You want to know more about Unrated sites and how to block them. 


Unrated sites or web pages are those that do not belong to a K9 category, and for which Blue Coat's Dynamic Real-Time Rating system cannot yet determine a rating.

Blue Coat does not recommend blocking all unrated sites, but the option exists if you wish to block all pages that Blue Coat cannot determine a rating for.

If you do want to block all unrated web pages:

  • Launch K9 from your Start menu, click Setup, and login with your administrative password.    go there now
  • Once you have logged in, select Custom under the Protection Level section.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure Block Unrated Web Pages is enabled.
  • Please remember to click Save at the bottom of the page.