How to configure K9's settings

The K9 Administration page is where you can make changes to K9's block settings, change the K9 password or email address, and view Internet Activity. You can access the K9 Administration page by clicking the following link, or entering it into a web browser on the computer where K9 is installed:

A link to that page is also included in:

Windows: Start > Programs > Blue Coat K9 Web Protection

Mac: System Preferences > K9 Web Protection menu under “Other” section

If you wish to customize your K9 filter policy and enable/disable features, select [Setup] within the K9 administration tool. The [Setup] area contains the following options:

Web Categories To Block: This contains various pre-configured filter levels (High, Default, Moderate and Minimal). It also contains the options for [Monitor], which will not filter any websites but will log all browsing activity and [Custom] which will allow you to select which categories you wish K9 to block/allow.

Time Restrictions:  This contains features which will allow you to block web access completely during the evening (NightGuard) or the time frame you desire (Custom).

Web Site Exceptions: This contains both your “Always Block” and “Always Allow” list which can be used to fine-tune your K9 filter policy. These are generally used to block or allow a particular website without blocking/allowing the entire category. This also contains the feature “Blacklist Without Password” which allows non-admin users to add sites to the “Always Block” list without requiring the K9 admin password.

Blocking Effects:  This contains the following features:

  • Bark When Blocked: Enabling this will cause K9 to play a “Bark” sound when it blocks a website.

  • Show Admin Options: Enabling this will display administrative options on block pages, such as allowing overrides.

  • Show HTTPS Blocks: Enabling this will display a dialog box in the bottom right hand corner of your screen whenever an HTTPS site is blocked.

  • Time Out: Enabling this will cause K9 to block all internet access if too many attempts to access blocked sites happen within a given time frame.

URL Keywords: This allows you to enter certain keywords which, if found in a URL, will result in K9 blocking the site.

Safe Search: This area contains the following features:

  • Redirect to K9 Safe Search: Enabling this will force redirect any searches made with Google, MSN/Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and Flickr to K9’s Safe Search and return safer search results.

  • Force Safe Search: Enabling this will force enable “Safe Search” parameters on any search engine that offers “Safe Search” functionality. Note: This does not guarantee that all adult-oriented content will be blocked as it uses “Safe Search” functionality provided by the individual search engines.

  • Redirect Google SSL: Enabling this will force any search made with Google to be a standard HTTP search as K9 Web Protection cannot apply “Safe Search” parameters to HTTPS search requests.

Other Settings:  This area contains the following features (Note: This area is called “Advanced” on any version of K9 prior to 4.4.296)

  • Update to Beta: Enabling this will ensure you will be automatically updated to our most recent Beta version if one is available.

  • Filter Secure Traffic: Enabling this will allow K9 to filter HTTPS requests.

  • Force YouTube Safety Mode: Enabling this will remove adult content from YouTube search results and block comments. (Note: This option is not available on versions prior to 4.4.296)

  • Advanced YouTube Filtering (Experimental): Enabling this will remove the “Open Image/Media Search” categorization from YouTube and attempt to filter individual videos and thumbnails.

  • Reset K9 to Initial Settings: This option restores K9 to default configuration.

  • Enter Supervisor Mode: This option disables K9 filtering and allows all internet access for the time frame you select.

Password/Email: This area allows you to change your K9 admin email and password.

K9 Update: This will allow you to update K9 to its most recent version.