How to repair K9 Web Protection


You have issues with K9 Web Protection, or want to make sure you are on the most current version. 


If you believe you are having issues with K9 (e.g. K9 has become corrupt or is repeatedly not responding), you can correct most of these issues by reinstalling K9 over the top of your existing installation.

Note: This will not reset your password or configuration. It will just replace any files which are corrupt or missing so that K9 can function again.

First, make sure you have the most recent version of K9 by going to our download page and downloading the installation file. You can locate our download page by going to the following website:

Even if K9 is Not Responding and is blocking all internet access, you will still be able to access our website. For detailed steps on how to use the K9 installer wizard, please review the steps provided in the support article <How to Install K9>. Be sure to reboot your computer immediately after the install process has completed.