You did not receive an email with your license


You have requested a license for K9 Web Protection from the website, but have not received it.


Licenses are typically sent within 15 minutes after receiving the request. If sufficient time has elapsed, you should validate that the email address you provided during time of installation is correct, as we will attempt to send to whatever address given to us. If you signed up with an incorrect email address, please re-sign up for a new license with the correct email address at

You may not receive the email with your license if you are using a spam filter. You may need to do one or more of the following:

Check your email spam folder for an email from "". The name of the folder usually contains the word "spam". For example, CA Anti-Spam users would find a folder named "CA Anti-Spam" within Microsoft Outlook (or Outlook Express).

Add "" to your "always allowed" list of senders so that any email we send to you will be allowed through. If you are a CA Anti-Spam user, open Microsoft Outlook (or Outlook Express), click the down arrow on the CA Anti-Spam button, and select Approved Senders. Select New and type K9 Support into the first box and into the second box. Click OK to save the entry.